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Ophthalmologists in New Castle, PA

Lawrence County Eye Associates believes our most important mission is caring for your vision. Whether your first visit is for an eye checkup or to diagnose and treat a medical eye condition, the practice uses the latest medical techniques and most advanced technology available to care for your vision. We are dedicated to excellence, compassion, and quality eye care for every patient. We pledge ourselves, our staff and our resources to provide New Castle, PA with the highest quality ophthalmology care available.

About Us

Our practice focuses on all aspects of ophthalmology care and eye surgery for persons of all ages. Edward G. Redovan, MD and Michele M. Shober, DO are the board certified ophthalmologists of Lawrence County Eye Associates. Our clinical staff technicians are certified in their field by JCAPHO, ensuring quality pre-testing. Our staff ophthalmic surgical RN manages your surgical experience from sign-up to the day of surgery.
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Ophthalmology Care Services

We employ the latest techniques and equipment to provide treatment for:
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Dry Eye
  • Macular Degeneration
Our practice provides quality eye surgery, diabetic eye care and other services to help you achieve optimal eye health.

Eye Exams

Identifying a variety of ocular diseases can be accomplished through a comprehensive medical eye exam. Our professionals examine the structures of the eye to develop a plan to maintain eye health and manage any eye disease. If you have concerns about your vision, call us at 724-658-5597 to schedule an appointment with one of our ophthalmologists.